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Yes I admit I have neglected this blog. My original intention “years ago” when I started this blog was to blog about my life here in Italy as an Expat originally from the midwest of the United States. Well, after over seven and a half years of living in Italy, I’m still here and I feel that there is not much to blog about anymore. No I am not totally abandoning this blog, but posts will not be very frequent. I’ve already done the posts about my ordeals of obtaining my permit to stay and eventual Italian citizenship. Bureaucratic nightmares that I do not wish to relive. One thing that I haven’t mentioned and I am thankful that I obtained Italian citizenship when I did is that shortly after I officially become an Italian citizen the Italian post office has taken over trying to help the Questure (police) in handling the paperwork for the permit to stays. This has turned into a bureaucratic mess and have heard there is a backlog of literally thousands of applications and people receiving expired permit to stays.

Last Sunday we did have a little “outing”, the first time in a long while. We visited a small village called Morimondo which is about 20 kilometers (roughly 12 miles) southwest of Milan. There is a nice abbey that dates back to 1182.


How to Pick Where to Travel in Europe

There are many wonderful, and very diverse, places to visit in Europe and it’s often difficult to decide where to travel. There are also many transportation options ranging from European River Cruises to inland bus tours so it’s helpful to first decide what mode of transportation would be right for you based on where you want to go. For example, if the Greek Isles are a must-see, then an ocean cruise is your best bet; however, if you prefer major cosmopolitan cities, train travel might be a better choice. Another factor in determining your European itinerary is the type of trip you want to take. If you want romance, then France is an obvious choice; if you are looking for history, Italy has fascinating ancient ruins; and if you want to focus on music, perhaps Austria should be on your list. Once you have determined what you want to see and how you are going to travel, it’s easier to pick your destinations.
For many, London is the perfect gateway to the rest of Europe. London is a cosmopolitan city but with amazing history and there is a lot to see, from the Tower of London (where the crown jewels of the royal family are kept) to the London Eye, the modern Ferris wheel that rises 100 meters above the city, providing an extraordinary view. You can visit the graves of British rulers and great writers like Elizabeth I and Geoffrey Chaucer in historical Westminster Abbey but you can also see the latest Broadway play in London’s theater district.
From London, you can easily travel to anyplace on the continent via plane, train or boat. Paris is often on people’s list of places they want to visit in Europe and the Chunnel takes travelers under the English Channel and into the heart of the city. Besides the Louvre, where you can see the Mona Lisa, The Musee D’Orsay houses a collection of famous classic impressionist paintings. You can see many of the famous sights of Paris while cruising along the Seine including the Eiffel Tower and the Cathedral of Notre Dame…and if you take this tour at night, you will see why Paris is often called the most romantic city in the world!
In addition to London and Paris, many people count Rome as a must-see city in Europe. No other city in the world compares with Rome. St. Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican City is the center of Catholicism; inside its walls, are masterpieces like Michelangelo’s painted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Also, you can see the ruins of the ancient Roman civilization; the Coliseum in particular is an astounding remnant of the classic Roman age and the juxtaposition of its ruins with the modern city that is thriving around them is fascinating.
Just these three cities alone would make an amazing European trip and there are so many more cities, towns and villages to see. History, romance, music, art, architecture…no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Europe!

San Mamete, Italy

Just got back last night from spending the weekend in San Mamete, Italy.  San Mamete is along Lake Lugano, bordering Italy and Switzerland.  The weekend before we spent the weekend in the Black Forest and also in San Gallen Switzerland, had lunch in Austria.  Sorry but no photos from that weekend :(.

Now if I could find a job, specifically in North America, preferably in Canada, combining my customer service skills (12 years worth) and love/passion for travel I would be in seventh heaven.  I have experience traveling in Europe, I am able to speak Italian (even impersonate the accent from the Ticino area in Switzerland but the dialect is a different story).   True I have no experience in the travel/hospitality industry but I am a fast learner and I am a firm believer in continuing education.  Learning does not stop once one has graduated from school.  Life is school and every day is a learning experience.  I thrive on change, welcoming change with open arms.  I am a people person and get along well with others yet at the same time I can work independently well with little or no supervision.  I have 12 years of customer service experience and I am a firm believer/doer of excellent customer service.

I have been teaching English privately for over six years now.  I have built up on my own my student base, starting out with a couple of students to now averaging 20 hours a week.  I have had to be a creative thinker, in the sense of how to attract new students and also a creative thinker in the sense of planning lessons for my individual students for whom I tailor their lessons.  Each student has different needs and different ways of learning and I cater to their needs.

For my current resume/curriculum Vitae, please contact me using the contact form in this post.  Thanks!

Stonehenge England

Last Thursday we visited Stonehenge. It was very interesting to see, but we were a bit disappointed in the size since we were expecting it would be bigger than it actually was.
The day was rather cloudy, cool and windy. Ok we weren’t expecting tropical weather, especially considering we were in England and a couple of weeks before it had snowed six inches.

Italy Germany & Austria video

Here’s the most recent slideshow I’ve created with various photos that my husband and I have taken around Italy, Germany and Austria.

Scotland photos

In May 2007 I had the pleasure of going up to visit a friend of mine that lives near Glasgow Scotland for one week. A wonderful relaxing time was had by all. Flew from Bergamo on Ryanair to Glasgow Prestwick for less than $60 round trip. We visited some sites outside of Glasgow, including the quaint town of Paisley. Seen the Paisley Abbey which dates back to the 12th century. Also seen the exterior of the Paisley factory, home of the famous Paisley print. One day we went to Loch Lommond (Loch is Scottish for Lake) and the small village of Luss. There is a beautiful small church there in Luss, Luss Parish Church. Unfortunately we were unable to visit that day due to a wedding that was scheduled, but we were invited by a member of the wedding party! No we did not go to the wedding. It is said that many famous people have been married at Luss Parish Church.

For the most part the weather while I was in Scotland was pleasant, with the minor occasional sprinkle of rain. Except one day when we went to visit the cottage of Robert Burns, the Scottish author of Auld Lang Syne, in Alloway Scotland. That morning it rained cats and dogs then by afternoon was cloudy.

We only spent a couple of hours in downtown Glasgow, enough to do a little window shopping, have a coffee and lunch. Oh also took advantage of being able to buy a book in English at a REASONABLE price. Here in Italy the selection of books in English is fairly limited. I have to go to Milan in order to get them.

While I was there even had a Reiki session. Reiki is a “spiritual” practice, for the treatment of physical, mental and emotional problems, in a nutshell. I don’t remember all what the gal told me, except that I basically keep to myself, have built a tower around to try to stay safe. Also that she seen that my mother and I have really never been close, basically no love felt from my mom. She envisioned Paris France, that I for some reason NEED to visit Paris. That something good will come from the visit (my impression). I would like to one day visit Paris, before if/when my husband and I move to Canada.

Note to whomever is searching on Google with my username of Amborg and Blogspot to arrive at my blog, why not just subscribe to my blog, either via email or in a reader then you will know when my blog is updated?!? Save yourself some time knowing when my blog is updated.

On a different note, I may not be posting much these days due to planning a trip to the United States in February. I will be in the States for sixteen days next month, on a work/pleasure trip. I am really looking forward to this work vacation. Especially the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures.

Male Dominated Society

I am tired of living in such a male dominated society. I feel like I am stuck in the Dark Ages, or at least back in the ‘50’s, the days of Joan Clever. I actually miss being in a business/corporate environment. I want to be able to make something of myself, not be just a housewife or office clerk/paper pusher with no opportunity for advancement. Also, hate being discriminated against because I am married and am of “child bearing” age, so therefore I must be planning on taking time off to have a baby, when in actuality my husband and I are NOT planning on having any children. From what I have heard, this is common practice in Europe, as mentioned in a previous post.