Captain Ben Marler

When I went through some of my mothers photos, I found these two.  The man used to be my dad’s best friend, Harvey and his wife.  They both passed on when I was about 8 years old.  He was like a grandfather to me.  I know my dad looked up to him as a father, since there was a bit of age difference between the two.  Evidently at one point in time Harvey may have worked or known a Captain Ben Marler.  If you recognize either person in these photos, please let me know! 


5 responses to “Captain Ben Marler

  1. Hi Ann,

    I watched your youtube video of Paisley and found your blog, 7 years in Italy already i am envious. I have been living in Germany since 1992 and tried living in Rome in 2001 but got homesick for Germany although i am from Scotland LOL. Also i worked as a chef for a season in a little town called Norcia in Umbria which is famous for Tartuffi, i liked it there a lot although i was too young back then to appreciate living in the middle of nowhere. One of these days i like to visit Barga in Tuscany as it claims to be the most Scottish town in Italy and a lot of Paisleys fish-n-chip shop owners originate from there, any excuse will do me to get back to Italy one day when i find the time. If you are ever passing Hannover in your travels lets have a coffee together!!!



  2. I’m Capt. Ben Marler. I made the photo with a poloroid camera. The woman is holding the jackpot which she won by catching the largest red snapper of the day. You can reach me by email. God Bless

  3. The second picture is of Harvey Rust one of the finest men ever to fish with us. He was from the Dakotas and told me some interesting stories of shooting coyotes from his piper cub. One time he had 26 inside or hanging on the outside. The government paid him to do it. He could make kills like this only on snow where he could land and pick up the critters. I miss him a ton.

  4. I am with Tony, I am jealous! However, in three weeks I will get my Italy fix!

  5. I am Athena Marler Creamer, Capt. Ben’s daughter. He is writing a book. Would it be possible to include these photos? They are wonderful!

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