Personal Interest Poll

When did you start using a computer? For how long have you been able to use a computer? What computer applications do you use the most? How long have you been “online”. And last but not least, your country of residence. Post your responses in the comments section.

I’m doing this survey out of curiosity, after noticing the slight differences in computer usage between Italy and the USA.


16 responses to “Personal Interest Poll

  1. Hi Ann,
    I’ve been using the computer and have been online since 1994. My son taught me because he was going into the Marines and wanted to be able to keep in touch with me. I use facebook, word, excel, family tree software, email, and mostly use it to find information on family geneology. That’s how I found you last year. I am in the USA.

  2. Using since 1980, taught myself, got taught in school and grew up in Silicon Valley. Been on the Internet since 1991 when it became public. Apps, mostly Firefox and Photoshop, but at work more than that. MS Suite. From California, living in Canada for 6 years nearly.

  3. I am in the USA. I’ve been using computers for a while. while in high school I mainly played computer games (early 1980s), then in college (late 1980s) I used MACS for writing papers.
    In 1993 I bought my own computer and had the internet. I had AOL then. Now I have Firefox and a DSL connection.

  4. Forgot to add, I use Firefox too with a DSL connection. USA

  5. Ciao Ann,
    come stai?

    I start using the computer abount in 1990, Commodore 64, do you remember it? In 1994 start using Apple for my own work.

    Sometimes i’m able to stay at pc for all day long… with some breaks for meal, cigarettes, etc… and usually I’m also online in awhayle.

    I use to handle softwares like Dreamweaver,photoshop,coral draw,firefox,bittorrent,… and some SEO related apps.

    I’m italian but now I am living in Thailand, cold be usefull for your survey?

  6. been using the computer regularly since 1996 and have been online since about 1998. Before that I had an Amstrad word processor. I mainly use Google Chrome and Microsoft word. I have used the internet for research whilst doing my degree and MA. I am in the uk.

  7. I got my first computer (a NewBrain) in 1981. I got my first modem (went online) in 1988. I use word processors, databases (askSam and Inmagic) and genealogy programs the most.

  8. I have used computers since the dark ages of 1982. I have been online since 1994. Self taught with computers and programming. I use Facebook and the application Adobe Photoshop (I am a wildlife photographer). I am in the U.S.

  9. I’ve been using a computer for as long as I can remember. I’ve been online since 1995. I lived in the US until 2004 and now I live in Canada.

  10. Started using the computer abt 1988 and been online since then (ex husband was a MacIntosh geek). I use Microsoft Word, Office, Excel, etc. My daughter is in University, so we have Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Facebook, Livemocha for language learning and sporadically My Space all on an HP computer with cable connection. Have recently bought a Gateway Netbook. All the way from Indiana, USA.

  11. I started using a computer in 1991 (I think this year anyhow…it was one of those old packard bell machines).
    I will say for about 20 + years now since I know how to use a computer.
    The computer applications I used the most on a windows machine was ie, firefox and Microsoft Office. On my macbook the app’s that i use the most now are one called Notebook (for writing ect…), pages, firefox, msn, skype (only recently having a love interest far away sucks..haha)

    I’ve been online since 1996.

    My country of residence right now is Canada.

  12. Italy.
    Since early childhood, as my father was already interested in old IBM and Commodore computers.
    I know anyway, in Italy the computer still scares people, in the same way the english language does (see my previous comment). There is a lack of broadband connections outside the big cities and lack of information about the technology trough the older mass-medias, too.

  13. Oh, I forgot…
    How long: almost 20 years
    Online: 1998 or so
    App: Web2.0 apps, Notepad, FTP client, Firefox, Thunderbird, some games, on Windows7 and MacOS.

  14. I never started till 2001 and that was only because my brother brought over an ancient one he had in his garage it had Window 98 a tiny monitor.

    I didn’t have a clue what i was doing and it went from there.

    I use Firefox Microsoft office, etc

    London UK

  15. I was wondering what you have seen as the differences .. does the USA or the Italians get more into being online .. playing games… etc? I have akways wondered this as the Americans in the newest generation seem to be forever on some tech device.

  16. Samantha, even here the young generation are also online, but not to the extent as American (or even probably British) kids. In Italy the first technical device of choice is the cellular phone, especially some kind of smart phone like an iPhone or similar.

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