Dedicated to my sister-in-law

This post I dedicate to my sister-in-law who was diagnosed earlier this year with bone cancer. Shortly before Christmas 2008 she had fallen at work and hurt her hip and the pain from the fall had never went away. So this spring she went into the doctor who ran some tests and discovered she had cancer in both hips, a lower vertebrae and and her lower rib. When she found out the news, of course was devastated. Over five years ago she battled and won a bout with breast cancer, now this.

She has already been through radiation treatments and last week she had her first treatment of chemotherapy. Her next round of chemotherapy will be in a couple of weeks.

After the initial shock, she’s had a wonderful positive attitude the entire time. At this point in time the doctors are trying to be optimistic about her future, but it is hard to say right now. No matter the outcome, my sister-in-law has been keeping her chin high and trying her best keep her head held high.


6 responses to “Dedicated to my sister-in-law

  1. I am so very sorry to hear this news. My husband’s family has been plagued with cancer for years now.

    We had a neice who had bone cancer and one of my SIL’S is in hospice right now after a fighting breast and liver cancer for years!

    Tell her to keep up the fight!! Juanita when diagnosed years and years ago went into treatment with a positive attitude and it bought her many many more years than anyone ever expected!!

    My thoughts are with you and your family!!

    • Thank you very much for the kind words. Twentysomething years ago one of my uncles was diagnosed with bone cancer in his vertebrae. The doctors had given him 80 days to one year to live. He, like my sister-in-law, had a positive attitude and lived every day like it was his last. He lived over three years before going into a coma and passing away.

  2. The best of luck to your sister-in-law.
    It seems very unfair when cancer survivors get cancer for a second round, but, she beat it once, she can beat it again. I’m glad she has such a positive attitude.

    • Thanks J. Doe. My sister-in-law had her 2nd round of chemo on Wednesday and seems has gone a bit better than the first time ’round.

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  4. Thanks Jim Bean!

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