Sioux Falls, Boulder and Philadelphia photos

Here are more photos of my latest trip to the United States.  Included are some photos of my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and also my little tour around the Boulder Colorado area.

While in the States I stayed only a total of 3 days out of 14 in a hotel/motel.  In Sioux Falls I stayed with a friend and while in Boulder I stayed with a couple of gals that I had met on CouchSurfing website.  They were very cordial and kind.  If you enjoy traveling, meeting new people and also saving some cash, would highly suggest the site.

If you couldn’t guess from the photos, I REALLY enjoyed visiting the Boulder Colorado area.  This was my first time there and for sure not the last.  Yes it was very difficult to leave, if I would have left with job offers in hand for both my computer technician husband and myself………


6 responses to “Sioux Falls, Boulder and Philadelphia photos

  1. I’ll have to enlarge the photos later on when i am home from working. But they look a bit like Vancouver! Really how cool! It sounds like you had a great time..

    And happy soon to be fourth to you also!

  2. The pics are gorgeous. I cannot get over the mountains in background. Just like in Austria or Germany :o)

  3. Great pictures.

  4. Hi!
    Philly? I’ll be there the next month.
    Could you suggest anything interesting besides the landmarks I’ve already wrote here ?

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