Trip to the United States June 2009

I made it back safe and sound from the United States last Thursday after spending two glorious weeks there.  Going over was pretty uneventful, flying from Milan Malpensa – Philadelphia – Denver.  By the time I arrived in Denver and lay my head down for some much needed sleep I had been up for roughly 26 hours, talk about a long day.  The next day I was up at the crack of dawn, on the motel shuttle back to the airport, then on a bus to Boulder to pick up my rental car.  I rented a car in Boulder due to being cheaper compared to renting at the Denver airport.  Plus I also wanted to avoid driving in Denver traffic.

Spent two days driving back to my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  In all honesty I enjoyed the drive, minus the cloudy/rainy weather.  The traffic is so different between the two areas.  In two weeks time I put on over 2,700 miles on my rental car.  Thankfully I had unlimited mileage.

One week was spent in Sioux Falls visiting friends and family and also renewing my South Dakota driver’s license.  Then was off to Boulder Colorado.  Arrived in Louisville Colorado late Friday night then spent four days in the Boulder area.  This was my first time visiting Colorado and for sure will not be my last time.  Visited the Pearl Street Mall, a pedestrian area in Boulder, drove a 55-mile scenic byway from Estes Park down to Central Park, wow.  No words can truly describe the stunning beauty that I seen nor can any of the photos below do the area justice.

On the way back to Italy I had a ten hour layover in Philadelphia so I took the train to downtown for a couple of hours.  I would have spent more time, but I had been up for about 24 hours and was utterly exhausted and could not truly enjoy my visit to Philadelphia.  Maybe next time, but I think that Philadelphia is not my type of city.  To me is a place to visit for a short time, but not as a destination.


7 responses to “Trip to the United States June 2009

  1. That’s the hardest thing about the US, all of the travels once you get there. I find Europe so much easier that way, especially not having to have a car.

    Your photos are beautiful and I would agree that Colorado is a great place to explore more or live for that matter.

    Glad you are back safe and sound. It’s been a while!

  2. Sounds like a great trip ! I didn’t realize Colorado was so beautiful.

  3. Welcome back! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Never been to CO nor SD so I’m enjoying all the pics 🙂

  4. Thanks guys! Hopefully in the next days will post more photos from my trip. The photos here are of Boulder, Central City and Lyons Colorado.

  5. It must be a nice feeling to go back to your hometown after a long time. Are those pictures from Philadelphia? The place is simple, yet it feels really accommodating.

    • Yes there are some photos from Philadelphia. I had a ten-hour layover on the way back to Italy so I took the train downtown and spent a couple of hours there.

  6. What great photos and welcome back. I just love going on trips through other bloggers photos 🙂

    Have a super day !

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