Earthquake in Italy

Just to let everyone know my computer technician and I are okay. If you haven’t heard the news, a earthquake hit near the city of L’Aquila this morning. At this point in time there are at least 150 dead and another 1,500 injured, 100,000 homeless. The earthquake measured in at 6.3.

According to an article on CNN, there was also another earthquake near Bologna last night. Again, we felt nothing here in our area, thankfully.


18 responses to “Earthquake in Italy

  1. Glad to hear you are OK. Prayers for your corner of the world.

  2. Martin in Bulgaria

    Glad you’re okay, I have family there and haven’t any news on whether they are all okay. Payer go out for all who are suffering right now.

  3. I saw it on the news…so glad you are OK. Take care.

  4. 150 dead? I remember in the morning when the toll was only 17.
    100,00 homeless? How terrible.
    I’m glad you are OK though

  5. Expat Traveler

    I guess the impact is a lot like a quake hitting the area of San Francisco. I read that this morning but didn’t believe the report headline.. Glad you’ve been able to report and all is okay!

  6. Is that the first time earthquake happened in Italy. Just curious? Glad you are ok though…

  7. It is a scary thing to have happen no matter where you live. Glad that you and yours are ok. Our thoughts are with the ones who are going through this hardship.

  8. Internation Musing

    Its a tragic!

  9. Oh my! I hadn’t heard anything and it sounds devastating. Glad to hear you’re okay. Stay safe.

  10. I’m so happy to hear that you’re OK and safe there! This is such a tragedy…keeping you and everyone there in my prayers.

    Sher :0)

  11. That is horrible! I have always wanted to visit Italy…

  12. its really horrible but i`m glad you are ok. god bless and we will always extend our prayers.

  13. Internation Musing

    Happy Easter to you and your family Ann,

  14. Hi Ann:
    I just wanted to say Happy Easter & let you now that I had to move. You can find me at:

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  16. UninvitedWriter

    Glad to hear you are okay.

    I left Entrecard but I’m still subscribed to your blog 🙂

  17. I saw this on the news, such a disaster.
    Glad to know you´re Ok.
    A good Easter Sunday!
    Regards, Mizé.

  18. Reviews | Online Printing

    The news is very tragic but good to know you’re okay. Be safe always

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