Over the course of the next few days I will be offline due to receiving my new iMac on Thursday evening while my computer technician husband transfers everything over from my old computer to the new computer. We haven’t fully given up smoking, in fact increased a bit since the computer technician made the original offer about if I gave up or drastically reduced smoking he’d get me a new computer. Well, have started again reducing smoking. Especially also since cigarettes, at least for Camel Lights, have gone up to 4 euros (about $5.20) a pack. Good time to stop smoking before the government decides to increase the price again!


12 responses to “Offline

  1. You said it. ‘Good point to stop smoking before the government increases the price again.’ Think what else you could do with 4 Euros or 40 (10 bpacks)
    Best of luck to you though
    quitting is not easy.

  2. You said it. ‘Good point to stop smoking before the government increases the price again.’ Think what else you could do with 4 Euros or 40 (10 bpacks)
    Best of luck to you though
    quitting is not easy.

  3. Martin In Bulgariah

    Good on you, you will be paying less tax with giving up as well.

    Let’s hope you don’t get the hump giving up those camels!

  4. Expat Traveler

    Kool about the new computer. IF you come to Canada, those things will cost you nearly $9 or $10 a pack, I think!!! Talk about tax…

  5. My attempt to quit smoking took a backward step recently but I’m hoping to get back to it since the price of cigarettes has also gone up here and we’re now paying almost $10 a pack!

  6. well, it seems that you have all the good reasons to quit smoking.

    IMO, what you really need is the ‘will-power’ to really quit. I did! You can do it too! ^^

    Now, hows the new mac? *envies*

  7. Romancing Italy

    How’s the new computer? Waiting to hear how you like it.

  8. Thanks guys for all of your support! I know have talked about quitting smoking before, but this time am serious. It is going to be harder than hedoubletoothpicks but I think we can do it. The computer technician and I are going to kick the habit at the same time, moral support. My computer technician's reasons are more health related whereas mine are more "rebellious". The less taxes I can pay to the government that just ends up pocketing the cash the better.

    Martin – Let's hope not!

    Jen – I remember you mentioning something about that. Sounds like the United Kingdom and I seriously wouldn't doubt if Italy is on the same route. Seems like the Italian government goes in phases, they raise the tax on cigarettes two or three times in a short period then stop for awhile, then start again.

    Robin – when you did try to stop smoking, did you go cold turkey?

    HRM & Romancing Italy – Haven't had much time yet to "play" with the new iMac yet. But so far I am in 7th heaven. The computer technician brought it home Thursday night and had it pretty much ready by Friday evening, including transferring all of my data from my old computer to my new one. Hopefully this week I will be able to REALLY use it and also post a photo of my new baby.

  9. Good luck on the smoking thing. Took two heart attacks to get me to quit. I smoked for 30 years. Have not touched a cigarette since the second heart attack. That was over four years ago. (You would think one would have done it, but no… took two.)

    P.S. I do not recommend my method of quitting. At all.

  10. Congrats on the new mac. I would love to have one of those.

    I can’t even imagine paying that much for cigarettes. I hope you are successful in your efforts to quit.


  11. I hope you get to finish on the computer soon. And good luck on reducing smoking, you’re right, you better stop before taxes increase again.

  12. Mary@Holy Mackerel

    I don’t smoke, but I hear stopping smoking is very difficult. Good for you!!

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