Vigevano Italy in photos

This is in Vigevano Italy, taken back in 2002 shortly after I moved here. Again, with my grandfather’s old 35mm camera which I still have to this day.

Don’t you just love black and white photos?!?!?


10 responses to “Vigevano Italy in photos

  1. Martin In Bulgaria

    A great portfolio of BW pictures, somehow it creates more atmosphere and wanting imagination to the viewer.

  2. With Black and white film those pictures seem a lot older then from

  3. I cannot wait to come back for an Italian vacation this fall.
    And yes, B&Ws are my faves as well :o)

  4. These are the types of photos that create a certain ambience that makes people like me want to come to Italy. I love them! I am sure it’s the black and white that did the trick.


  5. These are such beautiful photos. It really makes me miss Europe so much! I can imagine them as today but just in black and white!

  6. Simply charming. And the black and white taken with an old camera with real film really brings out the charm!!

    Thanks for these wonderful shares as of late Ann. They are marvelous!!:-)

  7. B & W photos seem to depict the detail much better than color a lot of times. Those are great photos! What is the make and model of your grandfather's old camera? I have a very old Kodak that I think my Dad had when he studied in Italy during the late 1930's. I'll have to dig it out and get the model number.

  8. I am so jealous. I have never been to Italy, but I am dying to go. How lucky you are!

  9. Thanks everyone for all of the wonderful compliments. With the B&W photos of Italy, makes one feel that they are stepping back in time, to a different era. But living here is in full Technocolor guys.

    Dr. Lauren, if you have the chance to visit, do so. Just remember though, visiting and living anywhere, not just Italy, are two totally different things. Ivanhoe is coming this fall, just too bad she's not coming to my neck of the woods. BTW Ivanhoe, if you do make it to the Milan area, please let me know and we can hook up for lunch or something!

    Gil, in the next couple of days will dig out my grandfather's camera and will let you know. Ever since we've gone "digital" I can't remember the last time I've used that camera.

  10. Tam in Thailand

    what beautifully captured images of Italy, thanks for sharing.

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