AC Bellinzona

The football/soccer season in Switzerland has started up again after having a Christmas break. Sunday was the first match of 2009, AC Bellinzona played FC Sion and won 1-0. In all honesty I have really never been much into watching sports, but we started going to AC Bellinzona matches almost a year ago and enjoy going to see the matches. At the moment AC Bellinzona’s website is only in Italian, I am working on the English version now almost as we speak.

As you can tell from the photos, Sunday was a nice sunny day. Was a bit windy but frankly I did not mind, was thankful for the sun, blue skies and stunning view as always from the Bellinzona community stadium.


17 responses to “AC Bellinzona

  1. The mountains are just breathtaking.
    I used to watch soccer all the time. Now, I’m a football girl :o)

  2. Beautiful photos! I would love to visit there one day ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks guys! That is one reason why I enjoy going to the home games, with the castles and mountains in the background.

    Ivanhoe, who’s your favorite football team?

    Sue, have you had the opportunity to visit Europe yet?

  4. Italy has so much to offer , woud love to live there D)

    My site

  5. Beautiful photos and you make me envy it a lot.. I used to live in Italy too, but now am in Netherlands and sun here? Oh dont think about the sun! ^^

  6. Martin in Bulgaria

    Football, now you are talking, can’t wait for the English version of your local team.

    The photograpsh just cry out to visit there.

  7. Those are beautiful pictures. I’m not a fan of calcio but looking at those views might make me want to go there to see a game. Is there violence in the stadium there though?

  8. P.S.
    How’s the smoking less/no smoking thing going?

  9. New England Patriots :o) And my hubby is a Steelers fan.

    Thank you for the “food” note you left for me at my place. I think we may be able to do that when in Rome :o)

  10. Webbielady, what part of Italy did you used to live and what made you decide to move to the Netherlands, if you don’t mind me asking?

    J. Doe, Bellinzona is in Switerland, not Italy or England. There is no violence whatsoever at any of the games. You may here someone say under their breath a choice word or two but that is where it ends. There is security and police in and out of the stadium so they have it pretty under control.

    Well, in regards to the smoking have fallen off the band wagon a bit. Seems as soon as the other half was feeling better, after spending a couple of weeks in bed due to bronchitis, we both are smoking a bit more. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ bad me I know……

    Ivanhoe, you are more than welcome ma’am. I hope you have the chance to go to an agriturismo, you will thoroughly enjoy it. It is for sure a real “Italian” experience. Something the typical tourist does not know about.

  11. Absolutely wonderful and it sounds as if you had such a good time also!!

    Of course us Americans are all football people over here.

    But, my oldest daughter played soccer for years and has quite a collection of trophies.

    Glad you had a good time:-)

  12. Amazing scenery. Thank you for sharing these fine photos. Wishing you the best.

  13. The Prodigal Tourist

    Sounds like you’re taking full advantage of your life in Italy!

  14. An American in France

    These are some really beautiful pictures! If you want, I can do some photo editing on them to make the colors just really pop out like they did in person. I won’t charge, lol.. Anyway, the third picture is beautiful and shows off your photography skills very well. Have you ever considered going into photography?


    Wow! A great place to stop by.

  16. An American in France, thank you for the compliments! Have been told a time or two about my “supposed” skills, think something I picked up from my late-grandfather. He was an avid photographer, was one of his hobbies. Maybe is something I should exploit, in a positive sense, along with my love of travel.

  17. Salihah ืกืœื™ื—ื” ุตุงู„ุญู‡

    I love these photos! Beautiful and and serene. I came across your blog through I enjoyed visiting!


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