Quitting Smoking

I am trying to quit smoking. I am down to half a pack or less a day, started this last week. Consider that I used to smoke a pack and a half a day. The computer technician has also greatly reduced how much he smokes a day. Then again, he’s been fighting a nasty cold the last couple of weeks so needless to say he has not had much of a desire to smoke. The computer technician said that if I am able to quit completely or GREATLY reduce how much I smoke that he would buy me the newest version of the iMac. Yes this is a good incentive for me to quit, but at the same time I am happy with my current iMac, which is about two years old. The new iMacs are nice, with a bigger screen compared to what I currently have but I do not like the gray and blac design. Other than that there are no differences between the new iMac and what I have, at least in my opinion. Then again, I’m not the Mac expert my other half the computer technician is.


28 responses to “Quitting Smoking

  1. Congrats on the smoking less. also think about the money you’ll save buy those packs of cigarettes. You can buy your own iMac.

  2. I am glad that you have cut down on the amount of cigarettes you smoke. Quitting to smoke is very difficult! I am an x smoker my strong thoughts are with you.

  3. Hey – I think that is wonderful! Keep up the good work. I’ve heard it’s more of a hand to mouth addiction, so if you use carrots and chew gum a bit more, this can help you to reduce the number you have daily.

    I know a lot of people who have been able to quit that way….

    Good luck with your goals and do it for you!

  4. Martin in Bulgaria

    Do you really want to give up smoking? If you do you will and if you don’t you won’t. It is as simple as that.

    Good luck

  5. Good luck with trying to quit smoking! I enjoyed your posts! I’m an American expat in the Czech Republic, married to a Czech…it’s always an adventure!

    Best wishes,

  6. Good on you! This is a great step forward for 2009. And I second the comment by J.Doe – think of the money you’ll save!!

  7. hi, im on u comment i follow as well. just checking to see if this works. oh yea..i also clicked on one of your inline ads as well…hope you do the same for me

  8. Thanks everyone! Yes, the money saved is the first thing I thought of. Especially considering I’d smoke a pack and a half a day, and smokes (camel anyways) is at 3.80 euros ($5.04) a pack. So that’s 2080.50 euros saved a year ($2760.82). That’s a good chunk of change, that can be used for something else. Yes Martin I would like to give up. Actually seeing the amount I spend a year helps.

    So far I’ve been able to smoke ten cigarettes a day or less.

  9. Ann – In Canada – smokes are from $8 to $13 I am told!!! (never smoked myself) Even more of a reason for wanting to quit!

  10. OH MY WORD!!!!! Guess that would be a good incentive of quitting NOW before getting to that side of the ocean! Sounds like almost the UK. When I was in Scotland in 2007 a carton of cigarettes where about $100.

  11. AubreyJ.........

    Good luck on the smoking thing…

    I stopped smoking almost 3 years ago. It’s a hard… hard… hard thing to do, so just keep at it.

    Life is simple. It is as simple as Yes or No. When you wish to smoke… you say yes… or no to it. The hard part is to KEEP saying NO!

    Again… Good Luck!!!

  12. HealthNutWannaBeDad

    My grandfather died of lung cancer after being a life long smoker.

    My father died of cancer after being hooked up to an oxygen machine for eight years. He too smoked most of his life.

    Every time I see someone light up a cigarette, I have a flash back and see images of Grandad and Dad in pain, not even able to do simple tasks such get up and use the bathroom.

    You should quit. Immediately.

  13. Good luck to you..it is a tough thing to do but you will feel better for it! I quit just over 4 years ago, and so glad I did.

  14. {girl}forallstatus

    wow, quitting smoking ang getting a brand new imac, you’ve got good things going for you. =)

    a {GIRL for all status
    tales of a pinay single mommy
    1716 South
    Garage Sale

  15. Jennifer L Price

    It’s been just under a year since I had my last cigarette and I’m loving it! It definitely is difficult to quit, but you’ll enjoy it once you do.

    I had “quit” many times before, but kept making excuses (I’m stressed, I’m out with friends, etc.) What finally did it for me was realizing that I’ll always be a smoker…just not a practicing one.

  16. We have 2 iMacs and a MacBook in our house (one iMac is the older white one and mine is the bigger black and silver).
    I quit smoking in Sept 2007 after 36 years and a pack to pack and a half a day. I used Chantix to quit (couldn’t have done it otherwise)and started blogging (found a wonderful support system online).
    I wish you tremendous success – you can do this if you really want to quit (that’s the key).

  17. icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo

    Hey, I’m also married to a computer guy (Linux, specifically.) We’re an Apple home.

    Good luck with not smoking. I was a really heavy smoker for a lot of years. I quit cold turkey and for a long time would only smoke if we were out with our friends. Then, I just lost the urge. If this can happen to me, it can really happen to anyone because I was an ADDICT. It didn’t happen overnight. The process took years.

  18. I quit smoking the end of summer 2007 and believe me if you can get through the first few days it keeps getting easier. I smoked for over 20 years and cannot believe why I ever did now that I’ve quit 🙂 Best wishes!

  19. yes, congrats, and just take it easy. You’ve already reached a major victory point! so bask in the victory you have already achieved by making it halfway. Take it easy at this point now so that you don’t lose your gains.

  20. Yes, i hope you can completely be smoke free

  21. WOW! Thanks for all the support everyone! So far I’ve been a “good girl”, still at ten cigarettes a day, at most, with the exception of yesterday, was about 12-13. Today, 9. Still smoking but a lot less than what I used to. Bought a carton the other day and hid it. I usually would keep my smokes on our bookshelf in the hallway. Figure, out of sight out of mind.

  22. If you can help yourself, don’t buy a carton anymore. Psychologically you have to stop talking to that best friend, I was able to understand that somewhere in my head my cigarettes were like a friend that was there in good times and bad and that this wasn’t a friend at all – it’s really tough but its not going to happen if you continue to buy cigarettes and buying them a carton at a time is even worse.
    Today is day 480 days quit for me and I’ve not smoked 12,014 cigarettes – yes you are reading that correctly.

  23. It’s a GREAT incentive for you to quit! I myself am unable to. 🙂

    Great blog, I’m totally bookmarking it!

  24. Best of luck to you and quitting smoking! A New Year is a great time to quit (well, any time is a good time).

  25. good for quiting smoking because cant save money…

  26. Good for you! Keep tapering down… smoking is such a nasty habit, with cocktail cigarettes designed to kill you. Tobacco itself isn’t that bad… it’s all the crap they put in it! Good luck!

  27. Quitting is a struggle – like you I am cutting down. Good Luck.

  28. Funny, I quit smoking nearly 2 years ago, after 1 packet/day/20years!! It is hard but well worth it. I am now looking forward to buy a Mac also, still not sure if a mac mini or imac, macmini seems to be more “handy”, SY

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