2008 Christmas Tree

Here’s our Christmas tree for this year. Pretty simple and basic tree. I’m the one in charge of putting the tree up and tearing down, the computer technician (the husband) usually does not help out with that. This time of year he’s usually pretty busy with work so helping with the tree is the last thing on his mind.

A fellow reader brought up on my last post about the Christmas Markets that I forgot to mention. Christmas Markets are pretty popular in Europe. Depending on the city, the Christmas Market usually starts the end of November or beginning of December and runs until Christmas Eve. The Christmas Market here in Busto Arsizio (site is only in Italian, sorry!) opened on November 29th, including fireworks in the evening. It is not a very big market, maybe around 13 different stands. Products available ranging from sweets, wine, grappa, dolls, ceramics, Christmas ornaments, candles and other choices.

Traveling this time of year to visit different Christmas markets seems to be pretty popular. I know a couple of people that enjoy doing such, not only in Italy but also for example going to Germany and Austria where there are bigger and better markets compared to what a person can find in this area. This afternoon I found an interesting website that lists some but not all of the Christmas markets here in Italy and also Europe. Unfortunately the site is only in Italian.


7 responses to “2008 Christmas Tree

  1. How cool is that! The market from your village looks like the one from Montreux… Cute, really.. The one in Montreux, I would watch them build every year and it was so entertaining… lots of rides and excitement also though.

  2. Martin in Bulgaria

    Good job of the Christmas tree! We have aChristmass market here in Yambol,it only started last weekend, not big and purely Bulgarian traders with traditional Bulgarian and Balkan produce. It hasn’t got to an International platform yet.

  3. Thanks guys! Since today is pretty mild and absolutely sunny, I’ll be heading to the Christmas market this afternoon and take some photos to post here. So be on the lookout for some photos of the Busto Arsizio Italy Christmas Market!

    Martin sounds like you guys have a cool market. Same here, in respect that the majority of the things at the market here are local, local in the sense of Italian in general and not international.

    Jen, I forget, Montreux is in the French or German part of Switzerland? Do you think that there is a French/German influence in the Montreux Christmas market?

  4. I miss the Markets! I went every year when I lived in Prague. The atmosphere is just wonderful, always got me in Christmas spirit (even if I just browsed and did not buy anything :o)

  5. I miss the Markets! I went every year when I lived in Prague. The atmosphere is just wonderful, always got me in Christmas spirit (even if I just browsed and did not buy anything :o)

  6. That’s a nice looking tree. we don’t have one this year for bambinistic reasons, so to say.

  7. Just dropping by to wish you the very best regards for this holiday season! Since I’m currently in the Dominican Republic, there aren’t too many Christmas trees around!

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