The Friendship Flower Award

I would like to thank Windmill over at the Windmill On The Hill for the honor of The Friendship Flower Award.  This really made my day, thank you so much!  The rules for this award are as follows: Copy this badge and put it on your blog; Link back to who passed you this award and Spread this award to at least 7 bloggers you are friends with.  

I am passing this award to the following seven people who’s blog I enjoy dropping on every day on Entrecard.  The lucky winners are:

8 responses to “The Friendship Flower Award

  1. Hey – why did you change your blog back Ann? I loved the new look.. It seems you’ve been busy just as I..

    Hope all is well! 🙂

  2. hi! Ann

    I’ll be posting this soon. Thanks so much.

    oh btw, what happened with your old theme? I loved that one.

  3. I’ll send you a friendship flower award-even though I don’t have a blog (well I do, but I haven’t updated it in 2 years)

  4. That I did Jen. I also liked the “new” look, but the template wacked out on me and I didn’t have the patience to fiddle around to figure out why it did what it did. Figured would be easier to just change the entire template.

    December is a pretty busy month around this household, 4 birthdays, 2 work/client related Christmas parties, 2 family Christmas meals, pre-Christmas lunch with a family friend in Switzerland. Thankfully I had my Christmas/Birthday shopping done a month ago! Also because it started snowing here last night, a whole 2″ or so. Now it’s raining and the streets/sidewalks are a slushy mess. How are things in your neck of the woods Jen?

    Juliana you are more than welcome ma’am!

    Thanks J. Doe! How are you and the little one doing?


  6. Thank you Irtiza!

  7. Thank you very much for the award Ann, I hope you had a great birthday! 🙂

  8. You are more than welcome Christy! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Yes was a nice quiet day, the hubby and I went out for Chinese and yesterday we had cake at my husband’s parents place.

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