Attention fellow readers and Entrecard Droppers

I haven’t been able to and also today may be a bit slow, if at all to respond to comments and drop cards on Entrecard. Yesterday we were in Switzerland all day and today my beloved iMac has gone into the shop to have the DVD player/burner replaced. HOPEFULLY I’ll have it back either this evening or some time tomorrow. My iMac is only a couple of years old, I’ve had it for the last year without any problems up until now. Why am I having the DVD player/burner replaced? Yes my husband and I are smokers and my computer technician of a hubby figures that the lens on the DVD player is majorly dirty and since my iMac is still under warranty, is having it replaced. So I beg your pardon if for the next day or so that I may be slow to return comments and drop on your blog via Entrecard. At least I still have computer/internet access via my old Mac PowerBook. My laptop is a little slow and old. It’s about 8 years old and minus being slow, works perfectly.


22 responses to “Attention fellow readers and Entrecard Droppers

  1. Do you smoke those filterless European/Turkish cigarettes? A single one is equal to a full pack of American ciggies!

    I was in Italy a while back, it is all very beautiful!!

  2. Awwww!

    Your laptop just about describes my ageing body. Hahahahaha.

    God Bless you Always!

  3. Afternoon update – the hubby called home to say that my desktop iMac will not be ready till NEXT WEEK!!! Argggg. Oh well, at least I still have the laptop, so am still connected to the “outside” world.

    Spider, noooooo. I smoke a pack of “normal” Camel Light 100’s. Can’t stand filterless cigarettes. My father-in-law only smokes filterless. What part of Italy did you visit Spider?

  4. Strange But True: Old computers always save us in hard times rather than the new ones!

    Nice blog as usual 🙂

  5. and if that’s what your DVD lens is like…. imagine your lungs…

    Sorry, it had to be said 😉

  6. Martin in Bulgaria

    What woould you have done without a backup – smoke more no doubt. Old computers are therefore good for your health.

    All will resolve itself soon and you’ll soon forget about this little saga.

    New Year’s resolutions yet?

  7. I got my iMac about 3 months ago and would be lost without it now. Breathe…sometimes it’s good to slow down…even on computers. 😀

  8. Oh yes the old my computer is down excuse….just teasing. I am sorry to hear that you are having problems.

    But we are still here and we will wait on you.

    Enjoy your time away from the virtual world.

    have a great weekend!!:-)))

  9. Martin in Bulgaria

    Couldn’t find your entrecard tthis morning.. Hope things are going smoothly

  10. Martin in Bulgaria

    It’s back again, (your entrecard) must have been a gremlin around for ten minutes or so. Lardi Daa!

  11. take your time…

    thank you for putting your entrecard on my blog… i hope it won’t be the last…

    and i would like to invite you to my other blog:

    it’s about common computer issues and troubleshooting steps we could take to fix them…

    thank you and more power…

    ingat po…

  12. The English Teacher

    So you are also a mac person, I couldn’t live without my macs 😉 By the way I have added your site with a link on mine. Buon weekend! Aniya

  13. New Year’s Resolutions?!?! First want to get through turkey day, birthdays and Christmas before evening thinking about anything to do with New Years.

    Had some good news this morning, will be getting my iMac back tomorrow evening, yeah!!! So will be up and running by Wednesday morning!

  14. I feel for you with your laptop troubles

  15. I want your life! Switzerland? Italy?
    I’m jealous!

  16. Yes, all I can say is that slowing down helps.

  17. hi..was here…nice site

  18. This is to let you know that your blog has won the lemonade award. Visit my blog for details

  19. Happy Turkey Day to you, Ann :o)

  20. Thanks everyone for being so patient and your wonderful comments! This evening my husband will be bringing home my beloved iMac! Knowing him, the perfectionist computer technician that he is (seriously, he IS a computer technician) he’ll get it up and running and I will not be able to touch my baby until tomorrow morning.

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the States, no we will not be celebrating tomorrow but possibly on Saturday evening. I’ve been here for six and a half years and we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving once, my first year here. After that, I have never even suggested it, since it is an American holiday and not an Italian holiday. The Italian hubby brought it up last week, that why not celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

  21. Hi Anne.
    Glad you changed the comment form, now I can comment in your blog again. The previous form didn´t recognise me as logged in in my Google account, so I couldn´t comment while making drops.
    Thanks for reaching out, you were having problems too.
    I guess I fixed mine, at least everything´s looks normal.
    A good Thursday. Cheers.

  22. casas rurales en alava

    I live in Spain and they still smoke like chimmneys here. There are some places that literally make my eyes water from all the smoke!

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