Paisley Scotland Photos

This is an old thread mill in Paisley.  Now closed and abandoned.  

This is Paisley Abbey which dates back to the 12th century.  
Side view of Paisley Abbey, with a statue in memorial of Alexander Wilson, who was a Scottish-American poet, naturalist and illustrator.  He was born in Paisley and passed away in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  


5 responses to “Paisley Scotland Photos

  1. Beautiful photos and it looks like your visit was met by sunshine!

  2. That it was ma’am! There were only a couple of moments when it rained cats and dogs, otherwise sunny days.

  3. I remember touring Edinburgh with a guy who seemed to understand me but I couldn’t make out a single word that he was saying.

    And, the lovely breakfast of a runny egg over a hockey puck with a thimble of orange juice didn’t help either.

    Otherwise, lovely countryside…

  4. Dwacon that reminds me. I remember one day leaving a grocery store with a friend of mine who is Scottish. As we were leaving a man entered the store, complaining about something. Waited till we were out of the store and asked my friend what the heck the guy said. Evidently he was complaining about the mess of the shopping carts, in dialect.

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    very beautiful photos..
    Also great place..:)

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