Glasgow Scotland

May 2007 I had the pleasure of going to Glasgow Scotland and spending a week with a good friend of mine. I throroughly enjoyed the week seeing the sights in Glasgow, Paisley and also Loch Lommond. With the advert of the low-cost airlines, a round-trip ticket from Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport, near Milan, to Glasgow Prestwick Airport in May 2007 I spent about $60 on Ryanair. Sixty dollars doesn’t even fill my gas tank.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit Scotland yet, I would highly suggest going. I found Glasgow and the area very clean and green. The people were very warm and welcoming. They were genuienly friendly and open. Nor did I feel any Anti-American sentiment while I was there.

Hopefully later in the week I will be posting more photos from my trip in Scotland.


18 responses to “Glasgow Scotland

  1. I used to live roughly between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I’m not English but people thought I was. There was quite an amount of open anti-English sentiment, but it surprises me that you might have expected the same for yourself. Were you led to believe there might be?

  2. I had heard that there might be some Anti-American sentiments. Then again, I’m not usually a loud obnoxious and obvious tourist, am pretty low key. I would much rather blend in with the locals compared to basically shout out “LOOK AT ME, I”M AN AMERICAN TOURIST”.

  3. I lived in Edinburgh for some time. There is a lot of anti- English sentiment there which I was shocked about. I could understand because of their history but hey at some point you have to get over it. Glasgow has lovely architecture but is an entirely different city to the more cultured Edinburgh. Its hared to imagien they are an hour apart. Lovely place though. Personally I loved Italy.

  4. Never been there but the ornate and detailed architecture is just stunning. Great photos.

  5. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I went to U of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art. I hope to visit very soon.

  6. I have never seen pictures of Europe that I didn’t find incredibly beautiful and breath taking. It looks like heaven from an outsider like moi. 🙂

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  8. Oh it looks like a great time. Beautiful pics!

  9. I had heard that there MIGHT be some Anti-American sentiments. IF there were any, nothing was ever said to my face.

    There are places here in Italy that are stunning, rich in history. The food is outstanding, no matter what part of the country you visit and is going to vary from region to region.

  10. I’d love to go there one day, just don’t have any clue when that one day might be….


    Hiya, I’m Indonesian and live in Aberdeen, Scotland, and just went to Glasgow with my girlfriends for shopping trip (which damaged our wallets!). Glasgow is lovely and 2 days weren’t enough, we didn’t make to Selfridges and Italian Square :(.

    I don’t think there’s an anti-American sentiment across Scotland. The anti-English sentiment I think it’s more in tongue-in-cheek way, nothing serious. Like when my husband was asked by a friend if he’s English and he answers by saying “of course not, I’m Scottish”, and the English friend would say, “Yeah, yeah, Scottish people actually secretly want to be English.”

    I find Scottish are more open to different culture and race (my experience in Australia taught me differently – they can be quite racist especially to Indonesian). And definitely more polite than people in London who would yell at you just because you stop at the middle of tube station hallway to read the sign.

    Greetings from Scotland!

  12. Oh so strange, we were JUST talking about Scotland the other day and then I check in on you now and bing… Scotland photos. I have to agree with virgomonkey…it seems that every photo of Europe is beautiful and makes you want to be there!

  13. L. Venkata Subramaniam

    Hey I have always been meaning to ask, are the mens skirts any different from the ones ladies wear? And do they only wear them on special occasions?

  14. The men’s kilts are different compared to skirts women wear. I do believe that they are only worn on special occasions, for example weddings. You’re not going to see every man walking around Scotland on an average day wearing a kilt.

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  16. wow!what a great picture.after visit your post i am totally spellbound.i thinking that must be visit Scotland in this summer vacation.thanks for shearing your post.

  17. I find Scottish people friendly. I love Scotland and would recommend it to anybody who loves scenery. Generally if you go as a tourist and show respect for local people and culture, you will not have problems anywhere. .

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