News in Italy

If you would like to read the news in Italy in English, check out the website Life in Italy. The site is usually updated on a daily basis Monday through Friday and the news comes from the Italian news source ANSA. Thew newspaper Corriere della Sera also has a small section in English. Usually they will publish an article a day, again Monday through Friday.

I tend to check my stats on my blog on an almost daily basis, which include search terms used to arrive on my blog. Terms I see on a frequent basis are foreigners in Italy. I don’t know what these people are searching for, whether it is what life is like here in Italy for a foreigner or how many foreigners are there in Italy. I just read an article today that there are nearly 4 million legal immigrants in Italy, or about 6.7% of the population. Undocumented immigrants, illegals, are about 500,000. The undocumented work in the underground economy, which includes domestic help.

Who are the largest groups of immigrants in Italy? Romanians with a population of about one million, followed by Albanians and Moroccans.


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  1. Any idea how many Filipinos?

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