New Blogger Template

As you can obviously see, I’ve changed my template and is a work in progress. Please don’t mind the dust. What do you think of my new “Image”?

***Update February 13th 2009. I am getting rather tired of the template I have now. It is rather depressing and I need to change it to of a more “Italian” theme and am clueless how to do it. Help!!!


22 responses to “New Blogger Template

  1. Hi again!
    I love the new site!
    I do have one suggestion though: change the header image to one of your great pictures!

    I’m just looking at it now though, and it seems as if it can’t be changed… I hope this isn’t the case!

  2. hi, this template looks great. it is sooo beautiful. i like it a lot. the header image is nice. i can see that the work is in progress. i bet it will look much more better after it’s finished

  3. It’s beautiful.

  4. Thanks everyone. Milo, seems as if I can change the header image, but will take some playing with in order for the photo to fit. Know anyone that would be able to? I have to upload the photo onto photobucket. But again the key is having the photo the “proper” size.

  5. Hi! (Once again)
    There are usually several ways to do this, and if you need help I’m available.

    Normally, you can do one of the following:

    1) Upload any photo you want, and blogspot will stretch and squeeze and crop at its discretion to make the image fit.

    2) You can crop and resize the image to the proper size yourself, and in so doing probably achieve a better ‘look’.

    I’m not sure how big the image needs to be, but by isolating the current image, you can see exactly how big your new one needs to be.

    I’m not a fan of photobucket and would rather host the image on blogspot, but it really doesn’t matter!

    My email is (remove the 5 numbers) if you need help!

  6. nice change. i love the header picture. have a great day.

  7. Hi there! Classy template! The header picture is very nice but I think one your photos of Italy would be better. I love reading your experiences and seeing Italy.

  8. Hi Ann, I think its great, nice and clean a pleasure to view and read.

  9. Ann, I’m willing to help!

    What image do you have?

  10. Milo, just sent you an email with the photo.

    Mrs. Mecomber, thanks. I am working on, with some help, as far as putting a photo from Italy as the header.

    Mike – Thanks. Milo actually suggested changing, and I think he was correct in suggesting. My blog looked like everyone else’s and was hard to read. Also was rather depressing. Even though I’m not finished with everything, I am rather satisfied with the result.

  11. It seems to be the season for changing templates. I haven’t changed mine for ages. The last time it took forever to get the header right, but I fiddled about so long I can’t really remember what worked in the end. Hopefully Milo will fix things for you.

  12. I sent you the new header image; tell me if you like it!

  13. Milo I love it!! Thanks a million, you’re the best!

  14. Oh, that’s stunning – well done.

  15. I just edited it a bit, so the guy sitting there isn’t covered up by the text.

    I’m glad you like it!

  16. hi, may i give an advice. do something about the writing “MY LIFE IN ITALY” in the header…

    the pic looks wonderful.

  17. I LOVE your new look here! The photo is beautiful.

  18. Love it! Especially the neat metallic feel. Now, that gives me another reason to revamp my template as well. Hmm…

  19. Thanks everyone for the great comments. The photo in the header I took back in May in Gradara Italy. This “street” heads up to a castle that is there in Gradara. Gradara if you are wondering, is near Rimini which is in the region of Emilia-Romagna, along the Adriatic Sea coast. Other “famous” places in the area are Riccione, which is popular among younger people for the numerous discos and also the independent country of San Marino.

  20. Your new template is very neat, I like it.

  21. I don’t think your old blog was ‘depressing’ but the new blog is indeed prettier and cheerier.
    I love the picture.
    Of course even the most beautiful blog with beatiful pictures and horrid posts would be terrible. It is your posts which make the blog the best-not the template, but I do like the new blog. šŸ™‚

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    Yes.. cool template..simple and very fast loading..

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