Cost of living in Italy

What is the cost of living like in Italy you ask? Like in other places around the world, it is going to vary depending on what part of the country you live in. We live northwest of Milan 20 miles so of course it is going to be a bit cheaper compared to living IN Milan. Also take into consideration that the wages here in Italy may or may not be what you are used to. An average blue-collar may bring home anywhere from 800 to a little over one thousand euros a month. Our monthly expenses break down as follows, being a rough estimate:

400 Rent
100 Condo expenses
50 Phone & internet connection
45 Electricity
45 Gas (stove, oven and hot water heater (boiler) etc.)
375 Groceries

1015 Grand total in euros ($1,421.05 USD)

Of course this does not include as you can see any “extra” entertainment, going out to the restaurant etc. When I go to the grocery store I go to the discount chain stores like Eurospin and Lidl and avoid the big chain stores like Esselunga & GS, unless I need something exotic or ethnic. If I shopped at the big chain stores, our grocery bill would be a heck of a lot higher for about the same amount of food.

In general I have heard, no personal experience though, that in northern Italy the cost-of-living is more expensive compared to the south but then the wages are lower.


21 responses to “Cost of living in Italy

  1. i didnt know that it was so xpnsive in italy. best of luck

  2. I didn’t know that is was so expensive to live in Italy either.

    Though I’ve never visited your blog, it seems very familiar to me… almost like home šŸ˜‰

  3. Remember though, that we live outside of Milan. Milan and Rome of course are going to be even more expensive. Have heard of SMALL apartments going for 800 euros ($1,130 roughly) a month in Milan. For an apartment where the kitchen is merely a closet/hole in the wall, one bedroom, a bathroom and a shared eating area/living room combined.

    In my post did not include expenses for a car. Yes you could get a FIAT for maybe 10 to 12k euros, but then there’s the annual tax, gas which is at about $2.05 USD a liter or almost $8 a gallon for the Americans.

    Thank you cube for the compliment! Have you visited Italy?

  4. 400 euro rent? Wow! We were paying more than double that in Florence for a small 2 bedroom apartment.

  5. Yes, 400 euros a month plus about 100 euros a month for condominium expenses, so at the end of the day 500 for a two-bedroom apartment, plus garage and wine cellar.

  6. thats way cheap!

  7. We spend like almost the same amount here in NY. Our rent is really expensive. So you plan to move to Canada? Is it really better there?

    Light it Up Ann!

  8. We spend like almost the same amount here in NY. Our rent is really expensive. So you plan to move to Canada? Is it really better there?

    Light it Up Ann!

  9. I’ve heard New York City is pretty spendy in regards to the cost-of-living. A friend of mine used to live just outside the city and commuted everyday. He’s now living and working in London and said he’s earning more and spending less there compared to New York City.

    Yes to Canada. Where and when exactly unknown. Like every country, it has it’s positive and negative aspects. The main reason is for a better quality life than what is available here in Italy, at least the area we live in.

  10. so why did you leave america and move to italy?

    did they need teachers or something over there in Italy?

    ~ Christopher ~

  11. I left the States to be with my husband who is from Italy.

  12. No, I was remarking on how much your blog looks like mine. I hope I wasn’t too snarky, but your blog set up is very similar.

  13. No, I was remarking on how much your blog looks like mine. I hope I wasn’t too snarky, but your blog set up is very similar.

  14. No Cube, I don’t think you were being too snarky. Didn’t realize that was what you meant in your first comment. Just checked out your blog, you’re right! Same template, colors. Honestly I had never seen your blog before I chose my layout.

  15. Not a problem šŸ™‚

  16. Blog hopping here. So it’s expensive to live in Italy. Here in Texas in the city where I live, I think we have a lower cost of living here. We bought our house cheap but the wages here are not that much compared to bigger cities.

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  18. Very interesting…

    It varies greatly here in Victoria for cost of living and if you have a car etc..

    I know food is much more expensive here than in Vancouver, but there are many local chain stores and not many discount stores around.

  19. Whoa! I find that so costly. Tsk2, it has always been my dream to live or spend some time in Italy, especially when I saw the movie Milan (local movie).

  20. Sounds like an interesting movie Bryan. Have you had the opportunity to visit Milan Italy? What you see on the movie screen and in reality MAY or MAY NOT be two totally different things. The cost of living where I live isn’t all that bad compared to Milan itself and the suburbs immediately around Milan. Imagine paying 800 euros (roughly $1,058) a month in rent, plus all utilities and bring home if you’re lucky 1,500 euros ($1,984) a month. There are people barely able to make it to the end of the month.

  21. Oh I see. Even in the film, I saw some of our fellowmen have at most 4 or 5 jobs just to survive. Hmmm maybe living in Italy is not that easy for starters but maybe, vacation is alright. I find Italy interesting because of the culture and the beauty of landmarks and churches. We have discussed much about Renaissance, Baroque, amd Rococo art in class and Italy is one of the prominent art centers in Europe. šŸ™‚

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