Bellinzona Switzerland

Wednesday my husband had to go to Bellinzona Switzerland for work and we went again on Sunday for lunch with my father-in-law and went to a football/soccer match, AC Bellinzona versus FC La Chaux-de-Fonds. AC Bellinzona won the match, 3-1. Tomorrow my husband is driving up to Vaduz Liechtenstein to see the match AC Bellinzona versus FC Vaduz, I will be staying home first I have to work tomorrow evening and second when my husband gets home on Friday morning we are off to the sea side for the weekend. We’re going to Rimini, Italy which is along the Adriatic coast.

These photos are when we were in Bellinzona Switzerland last Wednesday. There are three three castles in Bellinzona; Castelgrande, Montebello and Sasso Corbaro. I visited a little bit of Castelgrande which is in downtown Bellinzona. Castelgrande as it exists today was built in various stages and work began back in the 14th century.


6 responses to “Bellinzona Switzerland

  1. Wow! Great photos!

  2. Very nice photos – just a question why do you still live in Italy? From your blog you appear to dislike it very much. Italy is part of Europe and in Europe things are very different from the US, every country has its good points and bad but your blog doesn’t do anything for Italy. Sorry if I may offend you but that is how you come over and I personally feel you should move back to the US.

  3. You didn’t offend me at all anonymous. Like you said, EVERY country has its good and bad points, no matter where it is geographically located. My biggest issue is that of people that think that living in Italy is like living in paradise. What may be your paradise may or may not be my definition of paradise. I do not sit downtown in the square every morning drinking a cappuccino and eating a gelato without a care in the world. Obviously I know there are differences between Italy, Europe and the United States. But when people say that ohh I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Ok fine, but at the end of the day that does not pay the bills, put a roof over my head etc. Here like everywhere else, these things need to be paid for and money does not grow on trees.

  4. Wow these are beautiful photos!

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    Wow.. great place and nice photos…

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    Wow.. great place and nice photos…

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