Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Sunday we went to my husband’s parent’s place for lunch then in the evening had a friend over from Torino (Turin). The two photos here of a box of chocolate eggs one of my husband’s clients gave us, from a famous pastry and confetti shop in Milan on via Montenapoleone. The street via Montenapoleone in Milan is the equivalent of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where you can find all of the big designer stores with just as big price tags. This pastry shop (Pasticceria e confetteria) is named Cova and has been around since 1817 and being on via Montenapoleone, you can just imagine the price tag on this delicious box of chocolate Easter eggs.

Confetti here in Italy are not what you may think, the small pieces of colorful paper but in actuality are candy covered almonds and usually go into the bomboniere and the color depends on the occasion. I am not a particular fan of confetti because I do not like almonds.


4 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Those chocolate eggs look good. I miss the chocolate in Italy. Hope you enjoyed them.

  2. They were delicious! I also like Swiss Chocolate. We’re going through Switzerland then to Germany this weekend, of course going to stock up on chocolate!

  3. My next older brother married a Lady named Cortisini whose parents immigrated from Italy and were employed for many years in the White House. Her father was a butler, I believe, and her mother was a seamstress for first ladies. Anyway, my sister-in-law Lucy had my wife and I over to their home in San Antonio one Easter many years ago when I was stationed there at Lackland AFB and she prepared her favorite Italian Easter breakfast dishes. Everything was utterly delicious even though I can’t recall what the dishes were called.

  4. Easter breakfast dish, that would be interesting. In this area, at least in the family, even for Easter breakfast consists of coffee, MAYBE a crossiant (or a ham & cheese sandwich for my father-in-law) and a dose of nicotine.

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