O Canada

I have mentioned in previous posts of my husband’s and my dream/desire/need to move from Italy to an English speaking country, preferably Canada. I started looking for work on behalf of my husband in February 2007, with some nibbles here and there but in the end nothing. In November I stopped completely stopped looking, taking a break. I have recently within the last week recommenced looking for a computer technician/systems analyst position for my husband in Canada. Why isn’t my husband himself looking for work? His schedule unfortunately does not permit such a “luxury”. A normal work week for him his 50-60 hours and comes home absolutely destroyed. Usually ends up being close to 60 hours, for roughly 1,500 euros a month, if that.

I am bringing this topic of wanting to move to Canada up again after finding out a fellow expat in Italy is moving back to the States after finding a position there. Yes I am part jealous but also happy she has such an opportunity to do something she enjoys. I wish her all the best and good luck! I find it encouraging in some ways and hope we are able to find work in Canada.

What does my husband do for a living? He is by trade a computer technician/systems analyst with 13 years experience, working with both Windows OS and also Macintosh. He does have the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. I at the moment have been teaching English as a Second Language for five years and in the States I was a Customer Service Representative with over 12 years experience. If you are located in Canada and know someone who needs an experienced Computer Technician and is willing to go through the Provincial Nominee Program, please let us know! I can then forward a copy of my husband’s resume.


5 responses to “O Canada

  1. retardedrugrat

    I shall keep my eyes and ears open for anything. If I see something, I’ll drop you a comment 🙂

  2. Thank you! You are so kind!Hope you had a wonderful trip!

  3. You should receive a copy of an email I sent to another blogger whom I believe is either in Canada or has readers from there.

    Good luck!

  4. Hi Ann. I was given your blog by that wonderful man named Don and thought I would come over and say hi :o) My husband works in the Oilfield business but I thought I would lead you over to a blog I read all the time and have actually had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times now. I believe Sirdar is in the computer business…not exactly sure what his title is….and might be of some interest to you. He may be able to help as far as what is available in that field here in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA. You may want to lurk over at his blog for a bit to get a feel for him, but I assure you he is a very kind man. http://sirdar.wordpress.com

    It might not lead to anything but he is the only one I could think of when Don’s email came through to me. If this was oilfield related, it would be right up my alley :o) Goodluck to you and your husband Ann. Here’s to much success in your future!

  5. Joy, pleasure to meet you ma’am! I will check out sirdar’s blog within the next couple of days.

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