A few posts back I mentioned a possible project in the works that I, my husband and a couple of friends of ours are working on. We are planning a documentary “gypsy tour” February 12th – 28th 2008 along the southwestern part of the United States. We are going to be visiting California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Hitting up parts of Route 66, visiting some national monuments and national parks. But the main purpose of our adventure is to visit some of the Native American reservations in the area. Along the way meeting new people, if anyone wants to join in on our “gypsy tour” at any given point in time the better!

You can find out information here and also our Myspace profile. Our official website and Myspace profileis in Italian and English.


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  1. As an American expat living in Luxembourg I have been following you forever. It will be interesting to see how many of your readers will follow you! I always enjoyed your adventures in Italy and am just curious to see how many of your other old readers will be interested in you and your future!

  2. Euroyank, glad to see you’ve found me back here on Blogger first of all!

    I hope things go well with this planned trip. I am planning on emailing my husband, who will be staying in Italy and not joining us on this adventure, on a daily basis with photos and the blog entry of the day. He will then post it in English and in Italian on the crazytrotters blog that I created.

  3. Are you going to stop by Santa Fe, New Mexico? There is a nice native American Indian museum there.

  4. Unfortunately we will not be going to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The closest we will be Albuquerque NM. A friend of mine that lives in Dallas was telling me something about a Native American museum there. Maybe will have to talk the friends that are going with into making a side trip up to Santa Fe.

  5. I read about you tour. I can’t join up because my due date is Feb. 13 and I kind of want to stay at home, fix it up and clean a little because I’m not prepared, and stay by the hospital but White Sands is really neat.
    I’m sure you’ll have a great time on your tour.

  6. First and foremost J. doe congrats!!! Are you getting excited/nervous?!?!

  7. First and foremost J. doe congrats!!! Are you getting excited/nervous?!?!

  8. Thanks. I’m excited and nervous, yes.
    I’m sure you’ll have a great time on your trip too.

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