Valsesia Italy Photos

Some photos from when we went to Valsesia Italy in July 2007. This is a popular area for hikers, Italian and international. The photo of what looks like a restaurant is what is called an agriturismo here in Italy. This agirturismo is in a small village called Scopello and the name of the agriturismo is il Bucaneve. I highly recommend this agriturismo. You can eat well and not pay an arm and a leg, plus if you feel you need to take a nap they do have rooms for rent above the restaurant.


7 responses to “Valsesia Italy Photos

  1. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the bridge photo 🙂

    ~Michele @

  2. Thanks Michele! I love that photo also. Was surprised how well it turned out, almost looks like a postcard!

  3. Those pictures are beautiful. I hope to make it to Italy… one day.

  4. Thanks Diamond! You will make it here one day. Italy is a country to for sure visit, not just one area either.

  5. Nice pics…

  6. Nice pics-especially the bridge!!

  7. The bridge photo seems to be everyone’s favorite. Makes me happy you all like it!

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