Male Dominated Society

I am tired of living in such a male dominated society. I feel like I am stuck in the Dark Ages, or at least back in the ‘50’s, the days of Joan Clever. I actually miss being in a business/corporate environment. I want to be able to make something of myself, not be just a housewife or office clerk/paper pusher with no opportunity for advancement. Also, hate being discriminated against because I am married and am of “child bearing” age, so therefore I must be planning on taking time off to have a baby, when in actuality my husband and I are NOT planning on having any children. From what I have heard, this is common practice in Europe, as mentioned in a previous post.


5 responses to “Male Dominated Society

  1. watch there ann! there are some stay-at-home mamas that would disagree with the “just a housewife” comment…

    whatever you choose though, keep us posted and in boca al lupo:)

  2. I know I know Tracie, but man I am SOOOOO bored of being a housewife. Have TRIED looking for a job here, but……..

  3. Susan in Italy

    Yeah, I hear you about the job situation here. I was part of an English-speaking womens’ group last year in Milan where they had a few head-hunters come talk to us about job possibilities. It was depressing to hear the panelists’ (non)answers to the 30-something womens’ job search. But to me the most salient issue about living in a “male dominated society” (at least the every-day one)is the staring. I seem to be every male octogenarian’s wet dream. Hooray for me. Do you get this too?

  4. Ohhh yea, and I’m no Barbie doll! Or even worse yet, having them attempt to grop/feel you up. Then there’s the 70+ year old men that try to hit on you. If someone is staring at me, I stare right back, and give them a look of like “you’re just a piece of !@*#” then they usually look away.

  5. I dont understand if you hate Italy this much why stay? Have you anything what so ever positive to say about Italy? By the way they are not always stareing becase they want your body they stare at people who standout,look angry sad
    or just plain miserable!no offence but you sound plain miserable i would stare to and im from USA.

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