Business Plan Update

I am a little frustrated right now. Remember a few posts back I had mentioned in a previous post about our potential business partner was SUPPOSED to find out some information for our business plan? Well, found out over the weekend, in not so many words, actually no words, that he is backing out, not wanting to be a part of the project. I sent him two emails and received no response, and has not contacted my husband either. My husband thinks it has to do with this guy’s wife, that she is unwilling to move. She is comfortable right where she is, unwilling to step out of her comfort zone, not wanting to try something new and is too lazy to learn a new language. So now we’re back to square two, needing to find someone with experience in this field, which one would think shouldn’t be too hard here, but finding a person willing to move to the United States is another thing. Also still needing to find financing (don’t forget the Make a Donation Button!).


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