Hell Beer

Went to the store today to buy beer for my husband. Found a beer that is actually called Hell Beer, produced here in Italy for one of the big shopping centers, Auchan. Now why the name Hell was chosen is beyond me. One of my students was telling me yesterday that there is a snowboarding clothing line brand called Bastard. Their slogan, “Proudly made by those lazy Italians”.

Who actually comes up with these product/brand names? Do they actually understand what their meanings are in English, or is it just something that is fashionable?


5 responses to “Hell Beer

  1. It’s German. “Hell” is light, although since Bier is neutral it should strictly speaking be “helles Bier.”

    So you bought yourself some light beer!

  2. well, since i am fluent in 12 languages, one of them being german, i was going to tell you exactly what swissmiss up there said. no, really…


  3. I’ve worked on a project with Bastard before, they speak fairly fluent english, and they are quite aware of what their name and slogan means. It’s part of their identity, and the brand is rather popular.

  4. funny…i actually have a can of hell bier on the table next to me right now, as my husband actually likes the beer (and its ridiculously inexpensive pricetag) quite a bit!

    I recently went to a wine tasting with a wine called velenosi (poisonous!–or, more accurately, ‘the poisonous family’), which I thought was quite frightening (didn’t realize the name of the wine before deciding to attend the wine tasting event!). so, you see, even in Italian they choose strange names!

  5. Hell Bier … 0.55€ of pure pleasure!!!! I love that beer! It’s my life!

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