La Dolce Vita

When I moved to Italy in May 2002, was told by many friends in the States oh that I am sooo lucky to be moving to Italy, and living near Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world. Visiting and living are two different things. Yes here the food, scenery, history and fashion are all nice. Then there is the day-to-day living, working, paying bills, going to the grocery store etc. Little do they realize, life isn’t as sweet here as they think, or as it’s potrayed in the movies. Have read a couple of interesting articles, one in the Telegraph and another in The Independent. The “La Dolce Vita” or The Sweet Life does not exsist. Getting things done in a respectable or reasonable manner/time frame is nearly impossible. The wanting to actually get anything accomplished is a foreign thought. The talk shows or debate shows as I see them, the guests and host talk about oh how this and that needs to change, but is anything ever done about it, no. They turn the other cheek, expect someone else to do it, or ignore the problem(s) hoping the problems just disappear.


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